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  • Lubchem new product releasing

    Gasoline and diesel automotive Engine oils

    Gasoline engine oil – Blando, Diesel
    Engine oil- Duro releasing!
    Excellent high temperature cleanness, dispersiveness and high, low temperature sliding cutting safety and also good igniting performance at low temperature. It prevents oxidation and generation of a precipitate, varnish inside the engine.

  • New product – Motor bike engine oil

    Bike engine oils "Blando" for 2 and 4 cycle

    BLANDO are excellent for motor cycle oils that show optimum performance as a four season all-weather one.
    They are motor cycle engine oils for all seasons.

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    if you have any discussion about our new products?

    Lubchem will provide fresh items what customers want by uninterrupted developing efforts and if there are any inquiry about products, please contact us.
    Our experts are willing to give a solution.

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The next generation lubricants of Lubchem

Lubchem are researching and developing unceasingly to provide optimal lubrication solution through checking with a variety of requirement from customers and recently released next generation lubricants. We take advantage of Nano WS2(IF-WS2) and new blending technology in production of automotive, motor bike and industrial lubricants and are going to offer a top level solution.