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  • High temperature lubrication pastes

    Special products for "extreme condition"

    prevention from corrosion, stick-slip, welding and frictional wear.

    Lubricating pastes prevent and reduce frictional corrosion(fiction oxidation), stick-slip and welding wear.
    Depending on composition of chemicals, the pastes offer additional anti-corrosion properties and resistance to water, humid and chemical media.

  • High temperature lubrication pastes

    Lubrication and assembly pastes at normal temperature

    Pastes application for media resistance, emergency lubrication properties

    Pastes application would be good solution if there are required high wear resistance, high-load, resistance to medial and emergency lubrication properties.
    Usually pastes are used for initial and running-in lubrication in power-lock connection, guide rails and chucks in machine tools.

High temperature lubrication and assembly pastes

Pastes can be applied up to 1,200°C for the lubrication. Oil in paste evaporates over 200°C without residues and at higher temperature, leaves dry lubricant film so it makes easy to dismantle connection easily.

Screws and bolts lubrication and assembly pastes

Screw pastes enable to easily assemble screws with consistent preload forces and under exposed to extreme thermal loads, to dismantle.
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Pastes for bearing assembly

When two frictional metal surfaces are under contact, metals become oxidized and frictional corrosion. Usually this phenomenon happens under high-load and oscillation such as plummer blocks.

High temperature lubrication pastes

마멸 입자들이 실제적으로 여기저기 베어링 내로 유입되어 베어링의 소음이나 베어링 조기 손상을 초래하게 됩니다. 그러므로 중대형 베어링 조립시에 마멸부식을 방지하기 위한 조립용 페이스트를 사용하게 되면 이러한 문제를 예방 할 수 있습니다.

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  • 조립용 페이스트Open or Close
    분류 제품명 기유 사용온도범위(°C) 특징
    조립용 페이스트 LUBCHEM HM 9152 GM Mineral, P.I.B -20 ~ 1,200 - 구름베어링의 조립용 고온 페이스트. 200°C 이상에서는 건성 윤활제로 작용함. 베어링 조립과 해체를 용이하게 하고 마찰부식을 방지하여 마멸입자의 베어링 내부로 유입을 차단함.