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  • Individualized lubrication solution offered throughout the industry

    Lubchem provides lubrication solutions for all industries and applications.

    In machinery manufacturing, automotive, chemical, steel, metal processing, textiles, food processing, such as wind power sector will be needed specific requirements to lubricants, thus lubricants should be met the terms desired to the respective manufacturers and operators. Check for Lubchem special lubrication products in each industry below.

  • Special lubricants applied to the "automotive industry"

    Satisfying severe requirements from car and related component manufacturers

    It is very important that lubricants should be developed and matched the demanding requirements by the manufacturers of the automobile industry.
    Lubchem special lubricating products enable to ensure permanent and long-term lubrication under extreme condition.

  • Special Lubricants for "renewable power industry."

    "specialty lubricants required for renewable energy industry, wind-power."

    In wind power, the wind turbine and its components are exposed to very high-loads. Choosing the right lubricant for the initial lubrication and operating are very important and they prolong the parts life and re-lubrication interval. Finally they give back a large profit on operating cost-down.
    Consider our special lubricants required for wind-power.

  • What do you have questions about the product?

    Our lubrication specialists are always happy to resolve problem.

    Our lubrication experts will provide individual consult to help you find out lubricant which is suitable for the application. Please contact us.
    The special lubricant experts will give you answer.

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