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  • Lubricants for "wood processing equipment"

    Special lubricants properly designed in wood processing technology

    Wood processing machines require special lubricants designed to meet the special working conditions. High resistance to temperature and chemical media, a low evaporation rate and a long re-lubrication periods are critical requirements. Our products will meet these lubrication conditions.

  • Analysis of used oil and development of substitutes

    Product development in accordance with customer requirements

    Customers are constantly required a higher level of lubricant. We are committed to developing excellent substitute than conventional lubricants used by customers through state-of-the-art manufacturing recipes and lubrication analysis equipment. By mean of our special lubricants in machine, achieve a better economical and reliable operating.

Our proven lubricants

We offer a very wide range of proven products suitable for each production process from wood to the PB process.
Upgraded lubricants are constantly being developed to satisfy the various requirements of the wood processing industry.

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  • 드라이어 콘베어 체인용 오일Open or Close
    적용분야 제품명 기유 사용온도범위(°C) 특징
    우드 목재 산업에서 드라이어 콘베어 체인용 오일 LUBCHEM SUPER 270 PE P.A.O+
    0 ~ 250 - 250 °C 까지 고온에서 사용이 가능, 우수함 마모 방지성과 고온에서 낮은 증발 손실