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  • Special lubrication considering bearing lifetime

    High thermal stability lubricants at high-temperature

    Sliding (plain) bearings must achieve maximum lifetime under a medium, heavy-duty, high-speed or vibration. At the extreme temperatures ranging from minus 108 degree to 450 degree, lubricants and lubrication technology should ensure proper lubrication in harsh environmental conditions. We provide the lubricants suitable for the customer's requirements.

  • "Customized" lubrication system

    Variety of customized systems to apply the field in production

    LUBCHEM provide customized products to components on machine and industrial sites, which are suitable for customer needs. Our concept of lubrication is to minimize the costs associated with friction and wear, and to achieve the maximum life of the components.

Lubchem products for sliding bearings

For sliding bearing lubrication, Lubchem have a wide range of lubricants, considering the customer's operating environment, and they have a special advantage. Under heat and vibration, shock and high-loads, pressure and the media, they will be recommended to in various ways depending on the environmental conditions.

  • At high-temperature, thermal stability and excellent long-term lubrication
  • Excellent wear and corrosion protection and sealing properties, high resistance to oxidation and aging
  • Special lubricating grease to reduce the wear and friction
  • Lubricant films withstanding at high-loads
  • High pressure absorption special synthetic grease

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    Applications Products 운전환경 미끄름
    사용온도범위(°C) 특징
    Plant and machine building, appliance industry LUBCHEM PF 8091 F2 Oscillating/rotating < 1 -35 ~ 260 - High-temperature, long-term lubricating grease with largely neutral behavior towards lots of materials (metals, plastics), Lifetime lubrication enables a significant reduction in lubrication quantities
    LUBCHEM HL 3091 -30 ~ 180 - Suitable for higher ambient temperatures, Extended relubrication intervals, also at a high temperatures owing to its long-term stability
    LUBCHEM HM 7090 M -20 ~ 160 - The preferred lubricant option for plain bearings, offering long service life and relubrication intervals, Suitable for universal standard applications
    LUBCHEM GR 6101 -40 ~ 150 - Especially for plastic plain bearings, also available in other base oil viscosities,
    - Good compatibility with many plastics
    LUBCHEM RB 3110 C -25 ~ 160 - Excellent lubricating film maintaining at high load and good wear protection and water resistance and adhesiveness.
    - Various rolling and sliding bearings for rotating low and middle speed in heavy industry
    LUBCEHM BP 4032 Rotating ≥1 -45 ~ 160 - Synthetic base high performance grease with good pressure absorption
    - Wide service temperature
    LUBCHEM KL 6012 ≥2 -55 ~ 130 - Good low temperature grease and damping property. wide service temperature and compatibility with plastic and elastomers.
    - Sliding bearings, sliding parts and small gears
    - Automotive parts in seat adjustment, window lifters, small plastic gears and rolling bearings

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    적용/요구조건 추천제품 기유 특징
    표준 LUBCHEM G oil ISO VG 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 광유 온도와 속도에 따른 점도 변화
    장기수명과 고성능 LUBCHEM GM S series ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100 P.A.O 장기수명, 미끄럼 베어링 소재 금속과의 우수한 호환성
    장기수명과 고성능 LUBCHEM GH S series ISO VG 32, 46, 48, 100 .....1,000 P.A.G 장기수명, 미끄럼 베어링 소재 금속과의 우수한 호환성