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  • Lubricants for "sintered bearings"

    Used in electric motors, household appliances and electric tools

    Sintered plain bearings are often used in a fan of electric motors, household appliances and power tools. The correct lubricants are to give help operators to ensure full components life of these machines. Thus, there aren't any maintenance necessities and give a great efficiency.

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    Lubrication technology for sintered metal bearing

    LUBCHEM has developed a technology that can solve the problems caused by sintered metal bearings. If you need any assistance to solve a high technical level of complexity, problem to develop customized lubricants,

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Impregnation oils and fluids

Impregnation with a high-quality lubricant is very important for reliable operation and long service life of sintered bearings. Lubchem develops and sells these special-purpose impregnation oils with oil and fluid types.