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  • Do you need special industrial lubricants?

    Lubchem lubricant's is not an option but an indispensable thing.

    Lubchem offers very wide range of industrial lubricants that include special pastes, adhesive coating lubricants, releasing agents, oils and greases. Now Lubchem lubricants is indispensable for industry.

  • Lubricants development for each industry and components

    Lubchem's unceasing challenge to lubricant development

    Developing of the right lubricants for each industry and parts, and providing them to the customers are our mission and challenge. To implement this mission, high level competitiveness, know-how, experience, expertise to field application and deep understanding to customer's problem are required. Special lubricants can provide high potential to create a value. For the customers, we will bring out this potential power.

  • Do you have any inquiry about products?

    Lubchem lubrication experts can solve immediately your problem.

    Lubchem experts offer private consult and help customers to find out optimal solution about lubrication. Please contact us anytime.
    Our engineering team will try to answer it.

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Production and management by severe quality standard

Based on optimized process, high productivity, the production and careful management that match the strict quality standards, we will help to reduce costs of preservation and repair for the customer's facilities.

And also, our company mission in the development of lubricants is that achieves the maximum lubricating interval with minimal usage. Thanks to this result, users can reduce resources and minimize waste disposal, finally protect environment.