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  • Reliable lubrication for girth gears

    Right lubricants for machine

    Large girth gear drives are running for the raw materials processing in the tube mill, rotary kiln and coal mill in power plants and cement factories. Correct lubricant selection is a key element in the part of this important facility.

  • Questions on the lubrication problem throughout the driving equipment

    Long period experience and technical know-how

    Our company has been focused on developing specialty lubricants for decades, and has a lot of experience in the development and technical know-how lubricants for OEM. Related to product development and lubricating problem throughout the facility operation, please contact us. Our technical staffs will respond promptly.

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Production and supply of lubricants for girth gear drive

In order to offer optimal lubrication and prevention of girth gear drive in initial stage, we produce and supply running-in lubricants. And also, we make operating and repair lubricants for girth gear. These products provide high reliability, and they will increase the efficiency of the working .