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  • Chain lubrication withstanding the "severe friction"

    Lubricants overcoming friction, surface pressure, shock and load

    The chain must withstand the friction, surface pressure, and high impact and heavy loads. Our special lubricants offer optimal lubrication, effective wear protection and also helps users to reduce the cost and extend repair interval due to efficient production activities.

  • Machine components chain applied in various fields

    Essential components used across all industries, "chain"

    The chains is essential machine parts used in various industries such as mining, cement, steel, automotive, glass fiber, baking industry, textile industry, wood industry. It's very important that lubricants are chosen carefully to meet the requirements in each industry. Lubchem offer the most suitable lubricants for chain.

User's requirement for high-temperature chain oil performance

Users expect the powerful chain oil performance at high-temperature. High temperature chain oils must ensure reliable and trouble-free operation under adverse environmental conditions. E.g.,

  • Automatic transferring conveyor and required for the compatibility of the paint
  • Tenter frames or fabric transferring conveyor chains are susceptible to aggressive media and contaminants.
  • Laminate press in continuous PB production process - high evaporation stability is the key to a long life and low oil consumption.
  • Driving chains in film stretching machine driven at high speed
  • Insulation materials, gypsum boards, baking industry or oven drying equipment for polymerizing

Lubchem produces a variety of chain lubricants that can be applied for these industries.

Special lubricant for chains

We offer individually specific lubricant for the characteristics of the industry and machinery. In particular, high temperature chain oil is to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation under harsh environmental conditions.

  • Automotive industry conveyor, dryer, coating equipment and chains in the food industry
  • Gold mine, rotary kiln tire and kiln shell sliding element in the cement Industry
  • Chain, bolt & screws connection exposed to high temperature, and ladles at high temperature in steel industry
  • Dryer conveyor chain oil in wood industry
  • After the dyeing process in the textile industry, chain in dryer
  • Chains, slideways, gears, wire ropes, guideway or cam exposed to high-temperature and high-load

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    Applications Products Base oils Service temperature(°C) Features
    Rotary kilns in the base material industry (chemical industry) between the inner surfaces of the tyres and the kiln shell's slide elements and for the lubrication of pouring ladles used in the steel industry LUBCHEM HM 9059 GM mineral+P.A.O -25 ~ 1,000 - A viscous high-temperature release agent and lubricating compound
    - The base fluid starts to evaporate at approx.200°C, leaving a solid lubricant film, which separates frictional surfaces (dry lubrication)
    For the lubrication of transport chains used in the food processing industry, on drive and control chains in melting furnaces used in the metal industry LUBCHEM YF 100 PG polyglycol -30 ~ 250 - Suitable for temperatures up to 500 °C, with dry lubrication being gradually reached above 200 °C
    - Good wetting properties, an excellent penetration behavior and high stability
    For drive, control and transport chains subject to high temperatures and loads. It is particularly suitable for use in the insulating materials industry LUBCHEM CH 100 E ester 0 ~ 250 - Lubricates up to 250 °C, good wear protection, high pressure resistance
    - Low evaporation loss at high temperatures, compatible with paints
    Dryer conveyor chain oils in wood industry LUBCHEM SUPER 270 PE P.A.O+
    0 ~ 250 - Usable up to 250 °C high temperature, good wear protection and low evaporation at a high temperature
    Roller chains, chain joints, slide chains and rails in film stretching machine, stenters in textile industry LUBCHEM PLUS 320 P P.A.O 0 ~ 250 - Efficient lubrication even at high operating temperatures, good regeneration effect on used oil, good adhesion, no throwing off and resistance to wear and pressure
    - Little residue owing to fully synthetic constituents
    Particularly suitable for chains in film stretching industry LUBCHEM CH 280 E ester 0 ~ 280 - For service temperatures up to approx. 250°C, good wear protection
    - Low evaporation loss at high temperatures
    Dryer chain oil for drying process after dying in textile industry LUBCHEM CH 260 E ester 0 ~ 250 - Very low oil consumption and good stability of oxidation
    - Even at a high chain speed, good performance and low residues
    Used for driving, control and conveyor chains in wet and humid areas, high resistance to rain and water LUBCHEM GE 5500 MF mineral -5 ~ 120 - Good wear and corrosion protection, and inherently adhesiveness and noise dampening
    - Containing MoS2 for improved emergency lubriction properties
    Dryer and oven conveyor chain circulating at a high temperature LUBCHEM CM 100 M P.A.O+
    -40 ~ 220 - Usable temperature up to 220 °C and at a high temperature, periodical lubricating
    - Silicone free so very suitable for automotive paint shop conveyor chain oil
    High adhesive oil and driving chain and conveyor chain, good water resistance properties LUBCHEM PFS 280 PE P.A.O+
    0 ~ 250 Applicable up to 250 °C and good wear protection and low evaporation at a high temperature
    Driving, control and transport chains subject to high temperatures, conveyor, heat relief materials industry, driers LUBCHEM OY 95 E ester 0 ~ 250 - Low evaporation losses at high temperatures and high thermal stability reduce oil consumption and smoke development, for use at temperatures up to approx. 250 °C
    - Low residue formation and free of solid matter, hence less maintenance and unobstructed lubricating systems and lines
    For lubrication points subject to high thermal loads as are common in chains, slideways, gears, wire ropes, guideways or cams. LUBCHEM HP 2000 PE P.A.O+
    0 ~ 250 - Thermally stable, for use up to approx. 250 °C and good adhesion to friction points, long-term lubricating effect and low consumption
    - Good creeping and penetration, hence lower consumption and easy application