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  • Very important mechanical connection components "the screws and bolts"

    Not easily solved in locking devices

    Locking is a very common mechanical components but it is not a solution that can be solved easily in tribological condition. When the screw is undamaged, assembly and dismantlling can be very easy. If this thread has become defected, bolt and nuts can be damaged and even connected parts. The right lubricant use can easily solve these problems.

  • Lubchem lubricants used at a variety of screws and bolts

    Minimizing production losses due to problems of screws and bolts

    Screws and bolts that are widely used in machinery and equipment raises a variety of issues due to many problems. These issues are lead to cost increases with production losses, so the use of right lubricants can dramatically improve the lubrication problems.

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Reliable Lubchem lubricants

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    Applications Lubricants Name Service temperature(°C) Features
    over 200°C, dry lubricants LUBCHEM PT 6080 PE -40 ~ 1,000 - For high-alloy metal black screw pastes, contained inorganic solid lubricants, good anti-corrosion and wear protection properties. Over 200°C, most base oil is evaporated and solid lubricants remain as dry lubricants
    - Assembly paste for vehicle exhaust fumes emission system, turbo-charger and compressor
    middle grade surface pressure and easy assemble and dissemble at applying temperature LUBCHEM PT 6032 MP -40 ~ 140 - For interference fit and clamping connection and protection from tribo-corrosion
    - Low speed bearings, guide, joints, bushes, eccentric units, seals, bolts and hinge assembling lubricants
    Multi-purpose assembly paste LUBCHEM PT 4012 M -15 ~ 150 - Especially suitable as an assembly lubricant in frictional connections and for thin-film lubrication of all friction points subject to very high pressure loads, low sliding speed, high wear, stick-slip and tribocorrosion
    - Clamping chuck lubrication, scroll, cam and spiral chuck. Prevention of stick-slip and tribo-corrosion