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  • Suitable lubricants for valves and fittings that meet to the international standard

    Lubchem sealing lubricants

    Most valves and fittings are required national and international standards or regulatory approval, or recommendation, and testing requirements for uses. Lubchem sealing lubricants are considered these criteria and produced standards by excellent resistance to various friction types during working.

  • Lubricants for "composite friction"

    Valves and fittings for lubrication

    From tabs, industrial valves and fittings, water and sanitary mixer taps to common household or gas equipment, Lubchem has the right lubricant or sliding friction additive for all complex systems.

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Valves and fittings lubricants for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and household

Lubchem has sliding additives and lubricants for the valves and fitting in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and household gas facilities, gas boiler and heating systems as well.