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  • Right solution for chemical industry

    Special lubrication technology bearable in chemical reaction.

    The criteria of lubricant selection in the chemical industry is to guarantee a long service life and reliability of the process. And also, an important another issue is the resistance to various chemical media in contact with each process.
    Lubchem lubricants help to solve these challenges

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Lubchem lubrication technology in chemical industry

The resistance to chemical media of lubricants inside the actual processing areas or at nearby is particularly important in rolling bearings, gas compressors and industrial valves and fittings

By the application of the correct lubricant, operating cost is reduced and contamination of lubricant in the production process will be prevented

The use of right lubricant gives lots of benefits as below,

  • Maintaining complete machine performance for a long period
  • Improved efficiency and economy
  • High-load capacity and thermal stability
  • Extended maintenance interval and re-lubrication
  • Low defective and failure ratio, longer life time