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  • "Critical mechanical components" rolling bearings

    Special lubricants to protect the mechanical surface friction

    Loads and movement in all types of bearings are delivered through design of rolling elements. Friction surface should be separated by a lubricant. If the metal surface is in contact with each other, that will happen serious consequences in the machine operation due to premature failure of the bearings. Lubchem holds a special lubricants to prevent bearing damage.

  • "Clean, safe and easy to handle products," Lubchem lubricants

    Waste minimization for the environment

    Lubchem are producing an easy-handling, clean and safe products without sacrificing of the most fundamental values of performance, as well as keeping the bearings are to protect the environment through waste minimization.

Costs are incurred due to the friction and bearing damage

Bearings are used for the purpose of moving the load and power via rolling elements, ball between inner and outer ring. In the event of continued excessive friction which is not completely separated by the contact surface of bearing lubricant, it could happen a premature bearing failure. In this case, the cost of repairs and parts will occur.

Lubchem special lubricants for rolling bearings

Special lubricants ensures wear-free operation in rolling bearings. Through minimizing the friction of the ball and the bearing rings, long-term lubrication can be achieved. Lubchem special lubricants extend the life of the bearing and increase the reliability of operation, lower the noise on the ultimate conditions of uses.

The use of special lubricants will get huge benefits with less investment. Our rolling bearing lubrication products have many advantages, depending on applications and uses. Like wide temperature range, rolling bearings operating at high temperature, long life bearing grease, bearing greases used in automotive industry, manufacturing, our rolling bearing lubricants have lots of advantage in each application.

  • Ensuring long grease life at extreme temperature variation
  • Excellent corrosion protection and long life grease
  • Bearing lubricants used in the steel, cement and paper industry under exposed in heavy load
  • Grease for small electric motors, fan bearings and wiper motors as well
  • Suitable for high-speed grease

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  • Customer Name POSCO - LUBCHEM HB 3090 FOpen or Close
    Products Base oil Speed factor[]
    Service temperature(°C) 특징
    LUBCHEM HB 3090 F Synthetic   -35~180 - 저속, 대형 구름베어링, 미끄럼 베어링 및 미끄럼 부위용 그리스
    - 우수한 부식 방지성과 장기 수명 그리스
  • Special lubricants for rolling bearingsOpen or Close

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    Applications Products Base oil Speed factor
    [min-1 ·mm]
    Service temperature(°C) Features
    High-temperature LUBCHEM PF 8092 PFPE 300,000 -40 ~ 260 - Tried-and-tested long-term grease for rolling bearings subject to high temperatures
    - Very good long-term stability
    - Very good corrosion protection
    - Approved and recommended by many manufacturers
    LUBCHEM BH 3022 F ester 1,000,000 -40 ~ 200 - Patented hybrid grease concept for long-term lubrication
    - Also for wet and corrosive environments and vibrations
    LUBCHEM TP 3022 ester 1,000,000 -40 ~ 180 - Excellent corrosion protection
    - Long bearing life due to special wear protection additives preventing premature material fatigue caused by vibration or high speeds
    - For motor vehicle applications, e.g. pulleys, generators, clutch release bearings, fan bearings, wiper motors
    Low-temperature LUBCHEM LP 6012 E ester 1,000,000 -60 ~ 110 - Heavy-duty grease for low friction moments
    LUBCHEM KL 6012 P.A.O 1,000,000 -50 ~ 110 - Excellent low temperature
    - Low friction
    Low-noise LUBCHEM TP 3612 ester 1,000,000 -45 ~ 180 - For lifetime and long-term lubrication at high and low temperatures
    - For double-sealed and shielded rolling bearings
    - For applications in e.g. in electric motors, fans, air conditioning systems and hard disc drives
    LUBCHEM BL 6512 ester 1,000,000 -50 ~ 150 - For low temperatures and low friction moments
    - For the lifetime lubrication of double-sealed ball bearings such as miniature and instrument bearings
    High-speed spindle LUBCHEM HL 3013 U P.A.O 2,100,000 -40 ~ 120 - Especially for spindle bearings with inclined or vertical mounting position, but also for horizontal shafts in machine tools
    LUBCHEM PH 4012 P.A.O, ester 2,100,000 -50 ~ 120 - Especially for spindle bearings with inclined or vertical mounting position, but also for horizontal shafts in machine tools
    High-load and heavy-duty industry LUBCHEM BE 2112 mineral 1,000,000 -40 ~ 150 - For rolling and plain bearings subject to high loads
    - For vibrations and oscillations
    - For applications such as main bearings in wind turbines
    LUBCHEM BE 2102 mineral 500,000 -25 ~ 160 - For low to medium speeds
    - High-temperature and high-load application
    LUBCHEM BM 1052 mineral 500,000 -10 ~ 150 - For ball bearings subject to high loads in wet processing zones
    - For medium rotating speeds
    Electric conductivity LUBCHEM EK 6032 C P.A.O 1,000,000 -40 ~ 150 - For the long-term lubrication of rolling bearings subject to static electricity, e.g. in electric motors, paper making machines, copying machines, film stretchers, guides in belt conveyors and fans