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Message to customers

In modern industry, the meaning of high performance lubricating business is more than just the production and supply in the market.

Todays, specialty lubricants are equal to the essential and functional parts in automotive, machinery and production equipment or electrical and hydraulic components, gears and bearings and same to entire assembling process.

Thus, they are key element in the contribution to the reliability of the machine, the life of the design, productivity and value creation as well.

Since the company was established, based on the chemical and tribological techology, Lubchem have been trying to solve the most challenging lubricating problem.

Today, we have a good understanding of the stringent lubrication requirements that are ever increasing of functions with the most cost-effective issue and efforts expected to value creation.

Our greatest strength is in the optimization of continuous development, production and the applications of proper lubricants in most demanding industry.

Our corporate philosophy is offer to the optimized solutions to customer with well-listening the sounds of customer and understanding of most cost effective efficiency and minimizing impact to environment. We always welcome to new challenges and expect new applications, and also hope to our flexible hands to touch the customers. We believe that special lubricants should be used for the value creation with taking advantage of hidden huge potential.

We will use these potential to our customers and regard this as our final obligation.

Lubchem Co., Ltd.
C.E.O Lee Sung Woo