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  • Special lubricants for metalworking industry

    High quality and multi-purpose lubricants and quality assurance with minimal use

    High-quality, multi-function and high-precision lubricants are required in metal processing such as forming, forging, die-casting and metal cutting. It also is required that lubricants ensure a certain level of performance with a minimum amount of lubricant application. We offer special lubricants that require intensive in-house skills for a variety of metalworking industry.

  • Application of lubrication technology considering high functionality and economy.

    Products for wide service areas

    We produce a wide range of products including special lubricants for presses and high-speed spindles in modern machining centers. These products meet the new criteria, such as high functionality, economy and environmental protection in the industry.

Different lubricants each operating condition

In casting or various metal processing workshop are used high-precision machine tools and precision machinery from the press, and these machines require a different lubricant suitable for each operating environments.

  • different lubricants responding to each high precision machining characteristic
  • Efficiency and economy of the machine
  • High thermal stability and smooth lubrication
  • Extended re-lubrication intervals and conservation cycle
  • Various and wide service lubricants